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The Kentucky Department of Insurance’s Consumer Protection Division was created to assist consumers with issues related to the insurance industry. One main function is the handling of consumer complaints. If you are unable to resolve an insurance problem to your satisfaction by contacting the agent, company, etc., you may want to file a complaint with our Department. A complaint must be submitted in writing or electronically. We cannot accept verbal complaints. Submitting the complaint in writing avoids any miscommunication and should allow a more accurate answer to your complaint.

You may submit your complaint to the Department of Insurance by mail or fax, or by using the online complaint form at our Web site http://insurance.ky.gov/ under Consumer Protection. Please be advised that if you send your complaint electronically, the Department of Insurance cannot guarantee privacy during transmission. Please do not include any sensitive or personal information in your electronic submission. After submission, you will receive written notice that your complaint has been received. The staff member assigned to your case may contact you if she/he has additional questions. Therefore, it is very important that you include your name, address and daytime telephone number.

If you have questions or if you just want to discuss your case prior to filing a complaint, please contact the Department of Insurance at 800-595-6053 (KY only) or 502-564-6034. The TDD line for the deaf/hard-of-hearing is 800-648-6056.

Tips For An Effective Complaint

Your written complaint should include:

  • Your name, address and daytime telephone number. (Please include your street address if your mailing address is a P.O. Box.)
  • The type of insurance involved (i.e. homeowners, health, auto, life).
  • The company and/or agent involved in your complaint.
  • Your policy, claim, ID or group number (include any that apply). If your complaint is related to health insurance, please attach a copy of both sides of your health plan identification card.
  • A detailed summary of your complaint, including copies of any related documents. (Please do not send originals.)

Once your written complaint is received, a copy of your complaint will be sent to the company. The company is asked to respond within 15 calendar days. This deadline is strictly enforced and your complaint is monitored to be certain it is being handled in a timely manner. A normal case should be completed within 30 days.

Filing A Complaint On Behalf Of Another Person

If you are not the insured and are filing a complaint on their behalf, please have the insured complete the section on the back page of the complaint form. This authorizes you to act as the insured’s representative for the purposes of filing and investigating the complaint. If the insured is unable to complete the section on the complaint form, you may be required to furnish a copy of your Power of Attorney or other documentation.

Additional Information

Keep in mind that the Department of Insurance does not have authority over cases involving matters outside its jurisdiction. In those circumstances, you may be referred to another agency. For instance, some self-funded insurance plans fall under federal regulations so we will give you the necessary information to report those issues to the U.S. Department of Labor. Be certain to review your policy carefully. Knowing the specifics of your coverage can avoid problems and complaints. The Kentucky Department of Insurance will take any appropriate action following the investigation of your case.